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Title and ALTA-ASCM Surveys:  Quality Surveying for peace of mind in your next real estate transaction.

Oil and Gas Surveys: We can meet 100% of your surveying needs from Prospect Mapping and Site Permitting to Unit Pooling.

Subdivisions: Our extensive experience in coordinating with municipalities and developers will get your project approved.

Geodetic Control:  We use TX Cooperative Network Global Positioning System to ensure accuracy for your GPS needs.  Coleman and Associates is a charter member owning a Continuous Operating Reference Station that gives constant high grade Geodetic positions.

Boundary:  Location and establishment of real property boundaries.

Topographic:  Digital mapping of the terrain including elevations and contours.

Right of Way and Route:  The location of linear projects such as roads, fuel or utility transmission lines, canals, etc.

Investigative:  For accidents, encroachments and boundary disputes.

Utility Locations:  We can assist you in finding your existing utilities - Call before you dig!

Volume Calculations:  We provide volume calculations for excavations, landfills and rock quarries.

Locative and Construction Services:   For the location and installation of buildings, structures and other facilities in regard to boundaries and final as-built surveying.

Estate Partitions: The subdivision of a tract of land into smaller parcels for the survivors of an estate.

Elevations and Flood Certificates:   Certified documents for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Flood Insurance Program .

Land Planning and Consulting: Land use, zoning, development planning, residential, commercial/retail in many county and municipal jurisdictions.